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Our job is to protect women and men at work. To this effort, we design and manufacture complete personal and collective protection solutions for professionals worldwide.

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For more than 45 years, Delta Plus designs, standardises, manufactures, and distributes globally a full set of solutions in personal and collective protective equipment (PPE) to protect professional at work.

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A wide range of waterproof and cold protection gloves.

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Discover Our Glove Protection Program

Update 14.11.23

Why winter gloves?

In the frigid winter, the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), specifically gloves with waterproof and cold protection features, cannot be overstated. These specialized gloves serve as a crucial line of defense against the harsh environmental conditions, safeguarding individuals from the biting cold and potential exposure to moisture. In professions that require outdoor activities or exposure to extreme weather, such as construction, agriculture, or emergency services, these gloves play a pivotal role in maintaining not only comfort but also the overall health and safety of workers. 

And waterproof?

The waterproof feature ensures that hands remain dry, preventing discomfort and the risk of frostbite, while the cold protection feature acts as an insulating barrier against the numbing temperatures. In Canada's winter, where temperatures can plummet significantly, these gloves are not merely a convenience but a vital necessity, ensuring that individuals can carry out their tasks efficiently and safely in the face of challenging weather conditions.



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8/9/23 2:21 PM

Delta Plus launches its new website

Today, we are proud to unveil our brand new website, which brings together under a single banner all the activities of the Delta Plus Group (personal protective equipment and collective protection systems), throughout the world.
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10/10/23 1:17 PM

Participation in the A+A trade fair

Join us at booth 13D16 at the A+A trade fair in Düsseldorf from 24 to 27 October, and visit our "Enjoy Safety" stand.