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Our mission

For more than 45 years, Delta Plus designs, standardises, manufactures, and distributes globally a full set of solutions in personal and collective protective equipment (PPE) to protect professional at work.

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Our history

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Safety helmets


Size Info
  • Public Works
  • Building
  • Finishing Works/Craftsmanship
  • Light Industry
  • Maintenance
  • Automotive
  • Public Services
  • Water and Waste Treatment
  • Forestry
Shell material : HDPE - Vented | Wheel Ratchet | Textile : Nylon - 4 points | Chin Strap Material : Textile - 4 points | With Chin Guard

Type of product : Safety Helmet

Acessory type : Jugular

Main color : White

Shell Material : HDPE

Helmet peak : Micro

Suspension Points : 4 points

Chin Strap Points : 4 points

Adjustment : Wheel Ratchet

Ventilation : Vented

Textile : Nylon

Mounting notch (for earmuffs fixation) : Yes

Chin Guard : With Chin Guard

Integrated option : Jugular

Availables or replacement accessories : Lens - Jugular - Ear protection

Custom logo : Available option

Lifespan from first use : 60 months


Replaceable suspension for an extended period of use of helmet, savings replaceing dirty suspension compare to full helmet replacement

Plastic suspension for an economic solution


Ventilation pulls hot air out and draws cool air in, reducing helmet temperature

Breathability of vented helmet makes extended wear comfortable

Designed with a short visor and a low profile for better upper field of vision

Moisture-wicking front headband for better comfort in hot and humid environments


Replaceable headband for a better hygiene

Replaceable suspension for a better hygiene

Removable brow pad washable and replaceable for a perfect hygiene solution


4-point harness with nylon webbing for a secure fit, especially in windy or elevated environments

Curved chin protection prevents user movement discomfort

Easy to use

Short peak (4,5 cm) for indoor activities, reduced encumbrance

Ratchet for an easy to set-up and remove

Reference Color Size Designation EAN13 Box Code Multiple Sales Minimum Order Quantity Weight
WEL21106BL Blue 6.5 - 8 AMERICANA CLIMBING WIND T1 720609211064 10720609211061 12 1 0.00 kg
WEL21101WH White 6.5 - 8 AMERICANA CLIMBING WIND T1 720609211019 10720609211016 12 1 0.00 kg
WEL21102YE Yellow 6.5 - 8 AMERICANA CLIMBING WIND T1 720609211026 10720609211023 12 1 0.00 kg



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